Weight Loss Isn’t A Goal, It’s A Sign

Have you wondered how the world would start looking like, if you wore your prescription glasses upside down, or inside out? From someone who is heavily dependent on this eyewear, I can say the experience would be interesting, but counterproductive. Optometric analogies aside, losing weight is often approached in a similar fashion, i.e., the extra poundage is seen as something, the reduction of which has a potential to change lives. Rather, it is our dietary and life choices w-hich have led to excess adipose tissue buildup. Therefore, the right approach is focusing on doing (and abstaining from) things which collectively result in many improved health outcomes, one of which is showing up lighter on the scale.

  1. Soda Sober: Many of us are a strikingly accurate product of our habits, or in this case, food and beverage preferences. Therefore, identifying the obvious aggravators and excluding them right away is the easiest first step. And sodas, coupled with sugary drinks, candies and fried and processed food, should be the first priority. Just like with Alcohol, staying off these things is just as remarkable an achievement, if not bigger. Don’t take lightly of your efforts to keep away from them.
  1. Whole’d Me And Never Let Go: Now that you’ve made some significant exclusions, it’s time to replace them with foods from different categories (Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Dairy, Whole Grains and Legumes etc) which have spent most time out in the sun, or as a part of a creature. Whole foods are more delicious, and have many health-improving nutrients which are often extracted during the processing of foods. Look up various ways to combine vegetables, meat or grains and feed your body some delicious goodness!
  1. Master the Movement: An example of this would be to learn to perform a particular exercise, which is completely new to you. Since this requires you to learn to move your body in a way it has not moved before, this is a greater biomechanical challenge, and depending on what exercises you aspire proficiency in, the carryover in day-to-day ease of mobility is very soon apparent. Every new healthy movement pattern you learn, gives a different edge to your motor abilities.
  1. Stronger Than Yesterday: Strength is something every human being must have to some degree, because no matter how convenient technology may have made life, there are things which require humans to move objects against gravity, friction and other forces. And aiming to be stronger is a great way to boost self-confidence. You can set goals for doing bodyweight, or loaded exercises for reps, or weight. You never know when you might need it for yourself, or someone else.
  1. The Streak Must Go On : This is one of the most critical traits of succeeding in any fitness related goal. You can concurrently pursue many different tasks, which boosts your chances of reaching your goal sooner, and with better overall health. And before you realise, these habits have become a part of your routine. Also, it helps build the kind of self-discipline and attitude to maintain what you have worked so hard to accomplish. Consistency gives you bragging rights few other things can, because the results are clear as day.

By making these steps your go-to, not only can you lose fat, maintain precious muscle, and become stronger, but also feel many positive changes in your body and how it functions. And that is the ultimate goal that needs to be kept in mind when embarking on any fitness or wellness journey, because less weight doesn’t always mean a healthy body.

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