How (And Why) To Course Correct Your New Year’s Resolution.

As we march towards the end of the first quarter of 2018, it can be described as an ideal time to take our efforts in health and fitness up a notch, and start bringing our ‘A’ game, or at least do so with consistency and iron out the wrinkles, so that the new adjustments in our lifestyle blend thoroughly. The 3-step process listed below aims to achieve that, and help with optimising the benefits of your exercise and food related practices.

1. Recap: The first thing we do, is rewind to when we first started working on the “resolution” or challenge you’ve undertaken, and look for changes and habits which took lots of effort and sticking to whom was an uphill battle, which you often lost. Just make a mental note of this, and give yourself a timeframe in which to get better doing this, and be able to do so with less effort, and understand its significance in your lifestyle goals.

2. Overwrite: Now that we’ve identified our work-ons, we must commit to putting in extra amount of time towards that, in a regular and consistent pattern, and give yourself a target (Eg: I will eat 4-5 servings of veggies everyday for the next 10 days). But this time, you are doing it on a different time, in a different way, changing enough things about it to make it a new experience, overwriting the previous one. Use positive affirmations to tell yourself how this is a different experience than before. Also, set expectations and when you meet it by 90-100%, reward yourself.

3. Routine: Now that you’ve spent some time consistently performing this activity, make it a part of your routine, so much so that it becomes effortless. It is important to do this, because only when it becomes mainstream, is it really a lifestyle change and not something you’ll drop and move on. And if you’re able to do so, you’ll have achieved something you may have once thought to be impossible, so the least that should do is inspire you to conquer other more challenging goals, only this time, you’ll have a blueprint for success, with a track record. Also, reward yourself, you know you deserve it.

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