I Focus On Optimising Physical Performance Through Safe And Effective Training

You’ll achieve your ideal physique and become fit from the inside out.

Take A Leap Consultation

Complimentary Valued at $99 – We will take measurements to plot a baseline of your health and create a personalised training program and set periodic goals.

About Body Alchemy Fitness Solutions

After almost a decade of pursuing my own fitness, I decided to start a wellbeing movement to help those who can’t decide between saving time and improving health. I will help you gain strength, build a better body and avoid injuries. I can come to you to ensure that location is no issue so that as a team we can conquer your goals.

I Can Help People Who Want To:

Bounce with energy

Be stronger

Look and feel fit

Improve posture

Boost-self confidence


Why Choose Me

Why you should start working on you!

Never The Same Routine

Learn different variations and a unique workout each time. Test your limits.

Lifestyle Outcomes

Training to be prepared for life’s challenges is what we are about.

Support & Motivating

Fitness is a journey, and we will be your companion. All the way

Getting You The Results

We take your goals seriously, and they mean a lot to us.

Back to Basics

We focus on improving and perfecting exercise technique.


Train at your home, connect with nature outdoors or sweat it out at a gym.


Sessions Available

I can tailor any personal training session to your own individual needs

Take A Leap Consultation

Complimentary Valued at $99) –We will take your  Measurements / Posture & Range of Motion to create your own personalised Training Plan.

  • Monthly Membership

  • One off deal


1 on 1 PT

$55 / Session

Personalised Training Program

Train with purpose and intensity

2 on 1 PT

$40 / Person

Personalised Training Program

Challenge and inspire each other

Membership Monthly

$65 / Month   |   $60 / 3 Months   |   $55 / 6 Months

Australian Dietary Guidelines Magnet

Compound Movement Session

2x Personal Training Session 1st Month

Access To Private Facebook Group

Health Fund Rebates

3 month commitment


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about Body Alchemy

Fasahath’s training sessions were great for learning proper exercises and anybody can understand his instructions. I loved the workouts and his nutrition tips.

Manju S.

The workouts are high energy and you will not be disappointed. Fasahath keeps you accountable for your food choices, something I needed as much as a great trainer.

Radhika T.

If you’ve trained for a few years or never at all, Fasahath makes the whole thing feel so easy! I was very shy and exercise was non-existent in my life, but a few sessions in, I was hooked! Also, now I am more conscious of what I eat because of what I learnt while training with him.

Dana L.

Weight Training isn’t my ideal way of staying active, which is why the workouts were so helpful. With the new found strength and confidence, I think I should’ve started this much earlier.

Pooja J.

Our Partnerships

May 22, 2018

Food and the Month of Ramadan: How the Dynamics Change

During Shahr Ramadan, one of the most common, but lesser talked about things is how the relationship with food changes for us, and with that, our approach to it after we Breakfast.

March 25, 2018

7 Eating Habits Compromising
Your Diet

So, you’ve started to eat healthier foods which better suit your fitness goals. GREAT! But does it end at swapping your usual meals for more nutritious ones? 

March 3, 2018

How (And Why) To Course Correct Your New Year’s Resolution.

As we march towards the end of the first quarter of 2018, it can be described as an ideal time to take our efforts in health and fitness up a notch.

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