1 on 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training

Get individual attention and real-time motivation.
24×7 support means you reach your goals with ease.

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Group Personal Training and Outdoor Bootcamps

Group Personal Training (Max 4)

Train with your friends, challenge each other.
Build Teamwork and work on goals.
Train indoors or “out in the wild”.

Outdoor Bootcamps:

You v/s the elements,
Challenging workouts, but filled with fun.

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Online and Mobile Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Get personalised workout programs based on fitness level and goals, eliminating guesswork.
Access to online library of exercises, teaching form and technique.
Stay connected to the trainer 24×7 for motivation and

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Our Mission

Body Alchemy Fitness Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: To help people from all walks of life develop their fitness and athletic potential, by way of safe and effective training. We also believe that, to achieve optimum well-being, we must strive to develop and practice healthy eating habits, and live a life of positive mental attitude. Body Alchemy Fitness Solutions is not just about helping people reach their fitness goals, it’s about changing their lives and empowering them to continue this journey, inspiring others as they go.

Why We Need To Rethink Our Butt Workouts

The Gluteus Maximus (translated “The Greatest Rump”) is a uniquely positioned group of muscles and joints which not only facilitates movement and functions as a cushion, but biomechanically, plays a significant yet unsung role in efficient physical activity and effective bipedal locomotion. Widely considered the strongest muscle pound-for-pound, and one of the main muscles in two […]

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